Stocker Mineral Nutrition

Nutrition Plus Stocker products are mineral-vitamin mixes designed to aid in balancing a stocker calf’s diet when grazing pastures that are deficient in meeting cattle requirements for optimum performance.

Our Nutrition Plus Mineral products for stocker operations are manufactured at a Production Facility that is “State of the Art”. The production facility manufactures premix and mineral formulations exclusively (no feeds) and is specially designed with specific equipment, using the best ingredients available to make a quality mineral product. Optimum particle size results in excellent animal intake and nutritional utilization with less waste. So, each bite is a consistent mix of the right ingredients for optimum performance.

Consistent Products – Predictable consumption

The ultimate result is a cost effective nutrition program that will maximize livestock performance.


Product Options for Specific Uses

  • StockerCattleChlortetracycline (CTC)
    CAUTION: Federal law restricts medicated feed containing this veterinary feed directive (VFD) drug to use by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian.
    – For the control of bacterial pneumonia associated with shipping fever complex susceptible to Chlortetracycline.
    – Producers have experienced better control and prevention of foot rot and pink eye with the addition of this product in their mineral.
    – Cattle stay healthier so they gain better.
  • Bovatec ® – For increased rate of gain in pasture cattle
  • Rumensin – For increased rate of gain and feed efficiency
  • Magnesium – To be fed on lush pastures to aid in the prevention of grass Tetany
  • IGR – Insect Growth Regulator that contains Altosid to prevent the development of horn flies
  • Poloxalene – For the prevention of Bloat when cattle are grazing wheat pasture or legume forages susceptible to bloat

Basic Mineral Nutrition

Grasses and other forages are deficient in certain mineral nutrients. Minerals that are lacking in the diet may be force fed by self-feeding common salt-mineral mixtures formulated to provide needed minerals when the mixture is consumed in amounts to satisfy the animals’ appetite for salt. Other than for common salt, animals apparently do not have the ability to select needed minerals. Efficient animal production is not possible unless nutrient requirements are met. Many years of field testing, forage analysis and trials have gone into developing a good balanced mineral that is consumed adequately and will improve cattle condition, health and performance, resulting in improving your bottom line.