Sheep & Goat Nutrition

Our Sheep/Lamb and Goat Nutrition Supplements deliver an economical nutrition program with proven results. NutritionPlus minerals products are designed to fill gaps in your sheep/lamb and goat feeding program. Our nutrition supplements enhance productivity with minimal over head.

Consistent Products – Predictable Consumption

The ultimate result is a cost effective nutrition program that will maximize livestock performance.

Nutrition Plus Sheep and Goat Nutrition Includes:

  • Calcium – strong bone development and maximum milk production.
  • Phosphorus – increases energy utilization, reproductive performance, and fiber digestion.
  • Magnesium, zinc, manganese, selenium, cobalt, and iron – Required for body metabolism and are critical in building and maintaining the immune system, body tissues, and overall animal health.
  • Vitamins A, D, and E – help maintain optimum health, growth, and reproductive performance.
  • Selenium – aids in the prevention of “white muscle disease”.
  • Molybdenum – aids in protection for copper toxicity.

Balanced nutrition aids in peak breeding and lamb growth. Nutrition Plus sheep nutrition encourages maximum milk production and lamb development. Lambs benefit from top growth and improved feed conversion. Wool is almost 10% mineral; Nutrition Plus’s sheep products can help boost the wool clip by as much as 2-3 pounds.

NP Right Track PLUS D Mineral

Nutrition Plus has worked together with sheep and goat producers and stock show feeders to develop a complete mineral balance for sheep & goats.

What does NP Right Track Mineral offer?

  • NP Right Track Plus is a complete mineral balance for all sheep and goat needs. This is the extra advantage that serious feeders and producers have been looking for.
  • This mineral is labeled for prevention of Coccidiosis. It is labeled with Decoquinate to be used as a feed additive.
  • Right Track Plus includes ammonium chloride which is a preventive measure against urinary calculi – a major hindrance in the show goat and sheep barn.
  • This mineral contains a complete vitamin package and calcium iodate (EDDI) to prevent iodine deficiency.
  • Right Track Plus contains selenium, which aids in prevention of white muscle in baby lambs and goats.

Here it is – the mineral that all sheep and goat producers and exhibitors have been looking for!

Sheep Herd Plus Mineral